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Intolerance: Scot demands Death Penalty -- For Himself

A Scot who is facing the death sentence in the USA has said he would rather die than spend any more time in prison. Edinburgh-born Mr.Kenny Richey was sentenced to death after being convicted of 'arson' and the 'aggravated' murder of a two-year-old girl in Ohio. His case is currently in appeal, but Mr.Richey told 'The Sunday Post' newspaper that he would rather be executed than spend any more time behind bars. Mr.Richey, who has been in jail since 1986, insists he is innocent. Last month his case was sent by judges at Ohio's federal appeals court for the US American 'Sixth Circuit' to the state's 'Supreme Court', to rule if his murder conviction was 'safe'. The judges have suggested Mr.Richey's conviction for capital murder 'might be unsafe' and if so, he should be re-tried or released. He is now one hearing away from execution, but the review of his case could take months and the 'Supreme Court' has the power to reject the federal judges' findings. 'Kill me' Mr.Richey also said he would rather commit suicide than spend any more time in prison.
'I want them to kill me.
'Kill me or release me.
'If they don't do it to me then I'll do it myself. 'Or I'll create a situation in here where they will get the chance to kill me', Mr.Richey said.
He has been on death row after refusing a 'plea-bargain' which would have seen him paroled more than ten years ago. Mr.Richey has been supported in his campaign to prove his innocence by 150 MPs in 'The House of Commons'. Back in 2003-03, a motion was signed backing his claim after Prime Minister Mr.Tony Blair pledged to look into the case. 'Death row Scot demands execution', BBC NEWS, 2004/05/29 22:06:24 GMT


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