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Broadband sucks. Especially the most popular ADSL version (the one down the phoneline).It seems like a good idea at first: 10 or 20 times faster than dialup... you think that this would be great for downloading all those music files... except they're illegal unless you pay special sites per download. Then you find that there's a LIMIT on what you can download... so you start worrying about emails and even surfing (scared that the web page will have an unexpected heavy media file that uses up your monthly allowance). You are scared to send your photos by email or even of uploading them to your web site or blog... and anyway (being ADSL), the upload rate is NOT 10 or 20 times as fast, the fast speeds are for downloads only (and that is every web page you visit).

On top of all that, you quite often get a fixed IP address, which means that everything you do on the net has a direct connection with you, so you'd better be polite on chat rooms and watch very carefully what sites you visit: you can be traced!

This is perfect for the FBI and police departments to catch you for spamming (when it is not your fault when your machine is hijacked), looking at porn or downloading illegal audio.

You can get ADSL Broadband that has a variable IP feature (just like dialup), and you can get ADSL Broadband with high or no limits for downloads (and reasonably high uploads)... its just that you cannot get all these features at the same time, and definitely not at the costs they advertise on TV!

Another thing is that the speed of ADSL Broadband depends on HOW CLOSE YOUR HOME IS TO THE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE (honestly), so you may not get anywhere near the advertised speeds. Speeds do not really improve web page downloads all that much anyway... speed is more an issue for downloading files. Big files.

Being always-on is never a good idea, especially with a fixed IP... hackers can easily get your details from keystrokes, spammers can turn your machine into a spam zombie, and your machine can be used for all sorts of things whenever you are not actually using it yourself.

Antivirus software is generally rubbish as it has to know of a virus before it can send out the updates. What you get is a virus solution for something that has already infected your PC.

The windows security patches plug the security vulnerabilities as Microsoft works through them (they always sell their software too early and before its fully tested as working).

Just to illustrate how bad the bought software is, expect to get maybe five times the size of software you bought after downloading patches for over a year.

This is the real reason for faster chips and bigger memory... the OS needs all the help it can get to expand to this size...

...and this is one reason they want everyone on Broadband... you need it to download the service packs and updates for Windows and to download tons of antivirus programs.

It is not uncommon for Windows to state that the update will take 12 hours to download on a dialup because the file is so large!

I hear that Windows is going to start charging for updates and security patches in the near future!

My advice is to stick with anonymous dialup ISP connections. Everytime you go online you get a different IP address. Use a free firewall like zonealarm or sygate, but don't bother with antivirus rubbish clogging up your hard drive and slowing your connection.

Unless you are online a lot and for long periods, don't bother getting updates... your machine will slow down and die.

If you just need to send and receive emails, do a bit of surfing on eBay or Amazon, some Christmas shopping or looking for holidays or maps, then why bother?

Who should get Broadband at home? Only people who like to use chatrooms and play games online. For everyone else, speed is not so important!

When you weigh up the pros and cons, it may not seem like such a great idea after all!

1/15/2005 02:36:00 am  
Blogger Dave said...

Matthew Anderson, 27, of Drummuir, near Dufftown, Moray, made no plea and was released on bail after appearing in private at Elgin Sheriff Court on Monday 2005-01-17 in connection with a number of charges under 'The Computer Misuse Act'.

1/18/2005 11:40:00 am  

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