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The "Parliament of the World's Religions", in Barcelona, came to a close after a week of debates by nearly 8_000 members of diverse religious communities with commitments for action on religious violence, access to safe water, the fate of refugees worldwide, and the elimination of developing countries' debts. Executive Director of the Parliament's Board, Dirk Ficca said:
'When people of faith commit to address religious violence and other pressing issues facing the global community they follow through. We make a commitment not only to the world, but out of a deeply rooted religious or spiritual conviction.
'That is what makes the Barcelona Parliament commitments so special, and why this year's Parliament in Barcelona is going to make an impact'.
The Council for the Parliament will monitor and support the implementation of the Barcelona Parliament's commitments through a web-based communications network and best practice manuals. Rev. Dr. William Lesher, Chair of the Board of the Parliament's Council spoke of the immeasurable outcomes of the Parliament.
'Along with the strong commitments made this week, the mere presence of 8_000 people from so many different religious and spiritual traditions and places in the world is a meaningful outcome in and of itself. The impact of this is perhaps not as measurable, but equally remarkable in today's world'.
"Parliament of the World's Religions", Positive News, Issue 41 - Autumn 2004 FURTHER INFORMATION : For online video interviews from the Parliament visit www.wie.org and www.big-picture.tv WEB SITE : http://www.opwr.org 2nd WEB SITE : http://www.wie.org


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