Massive Moon Clock May be Located in UK

An unique proposal for a huge tidal-powered Moon Clock is being hailed by scientists and anthropologists who believe this monumental timepiece could become an internationally recognised landmark. 'The Aluna Project' , designed by artist, Laura Williams, will be a magnificent glass and steel structure illuminated by tidal energy. Three massive concentric rings, five storeys high and 40 metres across, will make a breathtaking, waterside landmark which will light up to show the movements of the moon and the sea. Light will flow slowly around the rings, each representing the Lunar Phase, the wax and wane of the moon: the Lunar Day, the rise and set of the moon, and the ebb and flow of the tide. The team behind the not-for-profit project hope the design's cutting-edge technology will remind people that the Earth is governed by ancient natural rhythms.
'I would like 'Aluna' to be a beacon of hope for a sustainable future, visible from land, sky and sea', said Laura Williams.
The 'Aluna' team is currently looking for a suitable waterside site in the UK for the structure. Various government organisations have been considering 'Aluna'as one of the landmarks to be realised for Liverpool's 'European Capital of Culture 2008' programme. Discussions are continuing. All it needs is some free land, an open sky and tidal waters. In Britain, the Northern hemisphere, 'Aluna' would be aligned with the polar co-ordinates and move clockwise facing due South. The counterpart structure in the Southern hemisphere, Australia, would move anti-clockwise and face due North. The moon has played a significant role in our religions, cultures and customs for centuries and is universal. It connects all faiths, all ages and all cultures. Wherever you are watching the moon, half the planet is watching it with you.
The NOT PROFIT organisers believe that 'Aluna' will become a global landmark and tourist attraction to compete with the 'Eiffel Tower' in Paris and the 'Colisseum' in Rome.
They need your Support. Sponsorship and location suggestions are welcome.
Links alunatime.org Register Support -- Join Mailing List. Aluna site FAQ Project Office: Laura Williams Tel: +44 (0)20 7683 1138 email: team@alunatime.org


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why can't Glasgow get this? Perhaps as part of the Harbour redevelopment?Weird blog, Dave, interesting and odd selections!

1/12/2005 12:24:00 pm  

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