Scotland may be getting Wetter but Hotter

Environmentalists have called for 'urgent action on climate change' after it was revealed that Scotland's climate is getting hotter and wetter. Recent severe weather, such as the flooding and landslides that hit in summer 2004, was just a 'taste of things to come', WWF Scotland has warned. Last year 2004 was Scotland's second hottest and third wettest on record. WWF wants to see policy makers think again about new road schemes and curb the expansion of air travel. The organisation came to its conclusions by analysing 'The Met. Office's' series of monthly temperature records for Scotland. It found eight months of 2004 were classed as 'well above average' temperature, with an overall average of 8.17C for the year. WWF's 10 WARMEST YEARS 2003 -- 8.2_C average 2004 -- 8.2_C average 1997 -- 8.0_C average 2002 -- 8.0_C average 1990 -- 7.8_C average 1999 -- 7.7_C average 1971 -- 7.7_C average 1989 -- 7.6_C average 1998 -- 7.6_C average 2000 -- 7.6_C average That, it said, was just behind 2003's record of 8.24C and meant seven out of the 10 warmest years since records began in 1961, including 2004, had been in the last decade. Last year 2004 -- the fourth-warmest year globally -- was also the third-wettest year on record in Scotland, behind 1990 and 1998, with a total annual rainfall of 1.673_m. The wet conditions gave rise to flooding and landslides, with major landslips at Glen Ogle and on the A9 near Dunkeld, as well as widespread flooding in Perthshire. Greenhouse gases Speaking on Friday 2005-01-07, as driving rain wreaked havoc on Scottish roads and flood warnings came into force across the country, WWF Scotland's 'Head of Policy', Dr.Richard Dixon, said:
'Despite a chilly July -- 2004 was the second warmest year and third wettest since accurate records began. 'Yet again, Scotland's weather backs up the scientists' predictions that Scotland will become warmer and wetter. '2004 may be a taste of the kind of weather we can expect to become normal in the next few decades. 'Climate change is a growing reality and the biggest environmental threat facing Scotland'.
WWF Scotland urged 'The Scottish Executive', which is currently consulting on its climate change programme, to commit to tough greenhouse gas targets for 2010 -- or resign the country to a future of floods, storms and droughts. 'Scotland now "hotter and wetter" ', BBC News, 2005/01/07 14:40:19 GMT


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hotter is good news, but wetter? No! It can't be possible :)

1/13/2005 01:51:00 am  

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