Scottish Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration to be Modernised

Plans are 'in the pipeline' to make registering births, deaths and marriages in Scotland easier. The Internet will be used to advertise forthcoming marriages and people will be able to make registrations on-line. The proposals are part of 'The Registration Services (Scotland) Bill', which is now out to consultation. Deputy Public Service Reform Minister, Mr.Tavish Scott, said the bill would help make sure the system stood up to the demands of tomorrow's Scotland. As part of the plans a new 'Book of Scottish Connections' held by 'The General Register Office' in Edinburgh would allow millions of people all over the world to access and add to the information. The Registrar General for Scotland, Mr.Duncan Macniven, said:
'The changes we are proposing to the registration of births, deaths and marriages are a ground-breaking modernisation of a much-loved system, and will make it more flexible and more accessible for people across Scotland'.
Among the ideas, births and deaths could be registered anywhere in Scotland, not just at the place where the event occurred. Couples wanting to marry at sea would also be able to make their dream a reality by making all Scotland's territorial waters part of new registration districts, and forthcoming marriages would be advertised on a website as well as local registration office notice boards. Although the option for a face-to-face discussion about a birth or death would remain, people would also be able to register events using their home computers. Mr.Scott MSP said:
'This bill has great potential, especially the "Book of Scottish Connections" which will allow anyone with Scottish "roots" to register an event which happens overseas. 'This will be an exciting opportunity for "ex-pats", those with Scottish connections and others wanting to keep family records in Scotland up-to-date'.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

But really it's just Big Brother in disguise.

1/05/2005 03:38:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Brother maybe, but it cuts through red tape and saves the trees, so its got my vote.

1/13/2005 01:54:00 am  

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