Stats: Best Place for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Post-Natal Care

Scotland is the best place in Britain to have a baby, according to a study that examined the experiences of new mothers. About 3_000 women from across the United Kingdom took part in 'The National Birth and Motherhood Survey 2005', which revealed that Scottish mothers fare the best, much of it down to excellent maternity services. A total of 55 per cent said they 'would choose the same hospital to give birth again' because it was 'very good', in contrast to the UK average of 44 per cent. Even before giving birth, Scots were the most likely to enjoy the experience -- 60 per cent said they blossomed during pregnancy, compared with a national total of 40 per cent. 84 per cent of Scottish mothers said they were told exactly what was happening at every stage throughout labour and birth, compared with 75 per cent nationally. They added that 'their midwives listened to their wishes' and 91 per cent said their husbands and partners were treated well and taken into account during the delivery, compared with a UK figure of 85 per cent. Commissioned by the website motherandbabymagazine, the survey claims to take a snapshot of modern motherhood. Ms.Elena Dalrymple, the magazine's editor, said the difference between Scotland and the rest of the country was due to a consistent level of care.
'It really comes down to the difference between one hospital and the next.
'Across the UK, maternity facilities in one place can be excellent and in the one nearest to it, very poor', she said.
'I think the reason that Scottish mothers feel so good about themselves during pregnancy comes from the fact that they are obviously receiving a lot of support and information, which removes the anxiety from pregnancy and that really helps mothers to enjoy being pregnant'.
Ms.Dalrymple said the importance of the survey was that, while being a snapshot, it revealed what women were experiencing on a daily basis.
'What we would like to see are facilities like those that Scottish women obviously experience rolled out across the rest of the country', she said.
'We have to get across the fact that every day, throughout the UK, on average 1_600 women give birth -- and so what we are seeing in the survey is what these people are experiencing'.
The survey also showed that procedures such as 'Caesarean Sections' and 'Episiotomies' -- a surgical incision used to ease delivery -- were much more prevalent in Scotland. Ms.Patricia Purton, the director of 'The Royal College of Midwives Scotland', said:
'I am delighted that women have named Scottish midwives as the best in the UK.
'It is really helpful for them to be given such positive feedback from the people who use their services and for people to tell them that it is recognised. 'Post-natal care is a "Cinderella" service. Women are spending less time in hospital and then taking a new baby home earlier than before, so they really need support'.
Ms.Jacqui Simpson, the director of nursing for 'NHS Lothian', said:
'Our maternity strategy, which was launched a couple of years ago, is based on views expressed by new mothers who gave birth in Lothian hospitals. 'This survey is the latest to recognise excellence in Scotland and late last year 2004, Ms.Sally Mcgonigal, from Haddington, was named as "The Best Midwife in Britain"'.
'Scotland delivers for mothers', Craig Brown, The Scotsman, 2005-01-13, Th.


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LOL how do you get to be best midwife in britain? Is it like an event or something... maybes a race with rows of beds and a starting pistol?

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