Stats: Fewer People with Drug Problems

The number of people misusing heroin and valium in Scotland has dropped, according to new figures. A report by 'The Centre for Drug Misuse Research at Glasgow University' puts the number at 51_582 in 2003 compared to 55_800 three years earlier. Deputy Justice Minister Mr.Hugh Henry welcomed the fall, particularly a reduction in the number of addicts who were injecting drugs. He said treatment services were being expanded to reduce waiting times. But Mr.Henry cautioned:
Hugh Henry 'The fact that around one per cent of Scots are still 'misusing' heroin and valium is a very real concern. 'Progress has been made but we must step up action further. '"Drug-related" deaths were down in 2003 but we cannot be complacent. 'We are getting more addicts into treatment but we must increase the numbers and intervene earlier'.
In 2004-10, 'The Scottish Executive' announced an extra 6_million_GBP to be spent on drug treatment and rehabilitation services. Cathy Jamieson Justice Minister Ms.Cathy Jamieson said the aim of the 23 per cent rise in funding was to increase the number using the services by 3_000 to 15_600 by 2006-07. 'Drop in heroin and valium abuse', BBC NEWS,2005/01/18 10:28:39 GMT Links: Drug Misuse Scotland Know The Score


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are fewer people misusing drugs because there are fewer people around (the country is depopulating, remember), and anyway, ONE PERCENT is hardly a major problem!

1/26/2005 12:24:00 am  

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