Thrills Continue on Glasgow Tower

Fire crews had to free 10 people trapped in a lift at 'The Glasgow Science Tower' for five hours. It became stuck almost midway up the 105-metre rotating tower at around 15:30 UCT on 2005-01-29, Sa. It is believed the incident was caused when one of the lift cables snapped, triggering the emergency brake. Fire crews cut panels in the tower and led the six adults and four children across a ladder to safety at 20:40 UCT. None of them had been injured. A Strathclyde police spokesman said a member of staff was among those trapped in the incident. A Strathclyde Fire Brigade spokesman said:
'The only option we had to access the people was to cut through some panels in the tower. 'Crews then lead them to safety on an emergency bridge leading to an internal stairwell which they were then able to step down'.
An investigation will be launched, 'Glasgow Science Centre' said. The tower has been plagued with problems. It was closed in 2002-02 after it sank because of two ball-bearings in the base. The tower was shut down again for maintenance after re-opening in 2004-09. 'Group trapped in tower lift freed ', BBC NEWS, 2005/01/30 00:20:09 GMT Previously on This Blog: The Sinking Tower of Glasgow 2002-03-04 Debt & Blame 2002-11-23 Closed again 2004-09-08 Ready to Re-open 2004-09-23


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one weird tale indeed. The Tower changes name in each article... Millennium Tower, Glasgow Tower, Science Tower, Glasgow Science Tower, Glasgow Science Centre Tower and so on.

Culture minister said it puched the boundaries of engineering (obviosuly pushed them too far). It was supposed to be closed for 2 months after it sank, but this turned into nearly a year.

There are reports of trapping tourists before, and of the blame culture and legal implications as the science centre lost money and laid off staff.

Perhaps this is indeed a suitable monument of glasgow after all -- it seems faily representative!!

1/30/2005 01:10:00 am  

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