Health & Gizmo: Snoring Cured At Last!

Physicians in Norway have invented a cure for snoring which involves a quick medical procedure for stiffening 'the palate' to stop the vibrations that cause snoring.
The process involves inserting 3 tiny threads of 'Dacrontm'-- a tough polymer used in the clothing industry -- into the soft 'palate'. The whole procedure last 2 minutes, and is performed under 'local anaesthetic'.
Physicians at 'St.Olav's Hospital' in Trondheim pioneered the procedure in conjuction with a North American company.
Norway put snoring on the political agenda earlier this year after offshore oil workers complained of roommates keeping them awake at night. The problem made national news after a member of parliament wrote to labour minister Mr.Victor Norman demanding that 'something be done' to help the sleep-deprived workers.
'That really gave us the impetus to find a solution although our research programme was already well underway' said Mr.Staale Nordgaard of the development team. 'Several dozen people have had the procedure. 80 per cent of patients and 70 per cent of their partners say they are "satisfied". 'It is a lot less "drastic" than some of the remedies on the medical market. 'It hurts less and leaves no scar'.
Already approved in the USA, the new method is expected to receive 'the green light' from European authorities in the coming months, he said.
Both 'Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)' and snoring are caused by an obstruction of the airway, causing tissues in the mouth or throat to vibrate. Studies suggest that more than 70 per cent of all OSA and snoring involve the soft 'palate' tissue.
'Cure' found for snoring', Ananova, 2005-02-03


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