'Vista' aka 'Longhorn' Out From Next Month

Windows 2006 'Microsoft', the world's largest software maker, has said the next version of its much-delayed operating system will be known as 'Windows Vista'. The software, until now known by its code name 'Longhorn', is due for release towards the end of 2006, half a decade after the launch of 'Windows XP'. To hit the deadline 'Microsoft' has already taken out a number of features it had promised for the system. A test version will be released by 2005-08-03, the Seattle, USA-based firm said. Once 'Vista' hits the market it will be the longest gap between releases of 'Windows' systems. On Thursday, 2005-07-21, 'Microsoft' announced fourth-quarter nett profits of 2_110_million_GBP for the three months up to 2005-06-30. Chief Financial Officer Mr.Chris Liddell said 'Microsoft' would benefit greatly in the next financial year from new products. Improved security 'Microsoft's' flagship software already runs on about 90 per cent of personal computers worldwide. The firm has promised that 'Vista' will take what for 'Microsoft' is a completely new approach to computing, with security not an 'add-on' but an integral part of the operating system. But to meet the autumn 2006 deadline, 'Vista' will be launched with some key components missing. Once they have been released -- probably in the form of so-called 'service packs' -- the operating system will have a much-improved filing system, a new way to render graphics and much higher internet connectivity. One of its most important features could be the promised seamless integration with a vast range of computing devices -- from media centres to wireless music players. 'Clarity, connectivity' According to Mr.Brad Goldberg, general manager of 'Windows' product development at 'Microsoft', the renaming is in the interests of 'communicating the idea of clarity'. 'That lets users focus on the things they need to focus on,' he added. A video of the launch showed the 'Vista' brand name alongside the slogan 'Clear, Confident, Connected; Bringing clarity to your world'. 'Microsoft' has previously said that 'Vista' will make malicious software that gets onto computers without the users' knowledge 'a thing of the past'. Executives at the firm have said 'Vista', which is likely to run on high-specification computers only, has been designed with security as 'part of the design, not a "bolt-on"'.
MICROSOFT HQ: Redmond, Washington Sales: 36bn_USD (2004) Profits: 8.2bn_USD (2004) Staff: 57_000 Founded: 1975 Chairman: Mr.Bill Gates Chief executive: Mr.Steven Ballmer
'Vista opens on Microsoft Windows', BBC NEWS, 2005/07/22 15:52:50 GMT


Anonymous Anonymous said...

XP is dreadful, and if they rush out Vista it will be the same old story of us waiting for service packs and hot fix downloads (hence the need for high-spec PCs). it will be 2008 before anyone can have any confidence in it.

7/26/2005 12:38:00 am  
Anonymous Tony said...

yes both XPs are terrible and the whole matter has cost me a fortune, but now it seems to be settling down. Y'know, after all the expense and trouble, I really don't get any more functionality from XP over say, 2000 pro. The only reason I went with XP at all was due to the fact that it came bundled with some new kit I bought, otherwise I would probably still be using 2000 pro and quite content at that. At the end of the day it is only the OS!! The meat is in the programs you run and the stuff you plug in. I may be tempted to upgrade to Vista once the initial teething troubles have been sorted out simply to get the built-in security. If Gates gets Windows to finally be secure, then it will be well worth any driver and other software incompatibilities let me tall ya!

7/26/2005 12:44:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When finally it gets fixed they just go break it all over again, and we (the suckers) go lap it up again. Nuts if you ask me.

7/26/2005 12:45:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ONLY reason people will change to Vista is because it will be preloaded on every PC and laptop in the stores (same as with XP and the rest). Good ol' "Dollar" Bill gates will make sure of that monopoly ......look at the money this shit makes for him!!!!!!!!

7/26/2005 12:47:00 am  
Anonymous Cameron Henderson said...

Do we realy need to learn it all over again? When will they stop and let us be? I still use 98 and it works as well for me as it always has.

8/09/2005 12:00:00 am  

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