Go Commando No More

Army Under Cover British soldiers sweating under the desert sun in Iraq and Aghanistan have a new weapon -- combat underpants. The 'anti-microbial' underpants are designed to prevent uncomfortable chafing, reports 'The Guardian Newspaper'. The pants were designed in Northern Ireland and are manufactured in China.
'The term "go commando" will probably now disappear,' said Colonel Mr.Silas Suchanek, who led the team responsible for procuring the equipment.
It is the first time underpants have been included as part of army rations. The material has tiny particles of silver woven into the fabric to prevent sweating.
'It is made from artificial fibre for comfort. It is coated to prevent bacterial infection,' said Mr.Suchanek. 'We will be looking at the women's issue as well but for the time being they are "unisex".'
The underpants are part of a new desert kit which also includes hydration backpacks, cooler helmets, desert 'waistcoats', sunglasses and Spanish-made desert boots. 'Army shows off its new pants', Ananova, 2005-08-21, Su


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A load of pants

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