Reversing Lorry Damages Old Building

A lorry driver has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to one of Glasgow's most prestigious buildings, 'The City Chambers'. A century-old granite balustrade was demolished when a workman reversed his vehicle during work on an inner courtyard of the building in George Sq. Stonework carved by craftsmen when the building was being constructed in the late 19th century tumbled into a basement area below the quadrangle. Conservationists are now assessing the damage and the final bill could reach 30_000_GBP. Councillor Ms.Pat Chalmers, chairman of 'The Glasgow Building Preservation Trust', said:
'This is the premier listed building in Glasgow. 'You can be certain that I will be breathing down the necks of officials to make sure that the balustrade is restored to its former glory. 'Great care will have to be taken in its restoration and I hope a major insurance claim is already under way to pay for it.'
The city chambers was designed by Paisley-born architect Mr.William Young. After winning the second of two controversial design competitions, he was awarded a budget of 552_028_GBP. Marble was transported to Glasgow from Italy to provide the impressive entrance columns and grand staircases. There were gold ceilings and stained glass windows. For the retaining walls, 537 cubic metres of granite was hewn from quarries. And it took 10_million bricks to complete the building, which was opened by Queen Victoria in 1888. The city chambers has made headlines and featured in 'Hollywood' movies over the years. A Conservative councillor once hid up a chimney in the debating chamber and re-emerged to swing a crucial vote. It has doubled for 'The Vatican' and 'The British Embassy in Moscow' and played a starring role in Ms.Gillian Anderson's film 'The House of Mirth' five years ago.
A spokesman for Glasgow City said:
'The damage was as a result of a contractor's vehicle colliding with the wall. 'The balustrade has been inspected by the appropriate council departments and an approved contractor -- who will now provide a "Quotation" and "Method Statement" for the re-instatement of the works. 'Any proposed works will require the prior approval of the council's "Heritage and Design" section and their staff have already viewed the damage.'
'Lorry delivers dent to Glasgow's pride', Paul Drury, Scotland on Sunday, 2005-08-14


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