Glasgow Students best Social Life in Scotland, 5th in UK

Students at 'The University of Glasgow' enjoy a better social life than undergraduates in the rest of Scotland, according to a survey published yesterday. A poll by the Internet search engine Yell.com found that the city offered the most 'student lifestyle facilities' such as pubs, clubs and takeaway shops per head of population. 'The University of Glasgow' was ranked fifth overall in the United Kingdom. President of Glasgow University's student representative council, Mr.Dan Guy, said it was in the ideal location to offer superb extra-curricular as well as academic facilities. He said:
'The West End of Glasgow is a very vibrant community with a lot of resources for students, which is why it's such a brilliant place to study. 'There's no point in choosing a university that doesn't have any amenities and places such as pubs and clubs for you to enjoy yourself. 'The local community has a great deal to offer and everyone, both students and non-students, contribute to a great atmosphere.'
A spokesman for 'The University of Glasgow' also welcomed the findings. She said:
'A large part of the student experience of university life now happens outside of academia. 'We recognise that employers look for outgoing individuals with life experience outside of lectures and tutorials. 'Students are encouraged to extend their achievements and widen their experience by participating in the full range of societies and activities that Glasgow has to offer. 'A choice of two lively student unions, a student-run newspaper, radio station and TV channel form a central part of the student social scene here. 'Glasgow is clearly thriving, socially and academically.'
Organisers of the survey took a list of Britain's top 20 universities and searched the postcodes of the areas where more students socialised to find the number of pubs, nightclubs, off-licences, pizza delivery outlets, takeaway shops and fancy dress hire stores before working out the students-per-business ratio. The university with the lowest number of students to each business came out on top. 'The London School of Economics' was named as the best in the UK, followed by 'King's College London' and the universities of Bath, Newcastle and Durham. 'The University of Glasgow' was found to have one student lifestyle facility for every 145 students, 'The University of St.Andrews' -- which came out ninth overall -- had one for every 214 students. 'Glasgow best for students', Kevin Schofield, The Scotsman, 2005-09-30, Fr


Anonymous Lardy said...

Glasgow Uni? What about Caledonian, Strathclyde, Paisley, Ayr... I did a search and went to the Times Online site. There is an article from late 2004 and Edinburgh was the highest Scottish uni at no.48, St Andrews second at 70th, Dundee at 168th and Aberdeen at 194th and no sign of Glasgow... but this was WORLD rankings, later in the report for the EU only, Edinbugh got 13th and St Andrews 21st and GLASGOW got 40th! making this the 15th best UK University in 2004.

Glasgow seems to have jumped from 15th to 5th, and passed Edinburgh and St Andrews to top the Scottish list.

What happened in ONE YEAR? That's quite an improvement!

10/03/2005 12:37:00 am  
Blogger Dave said...

Actually the story was covered on this blog back in November last year -- http://newsdevine.blogspot.com/2004/11/lists-stats-worlds-top-universities.html

Take your point tho' about all the other universities in Scotland... they must be well out of it!

Thanks for the contribution!

10/04/2005 12:05:00 am  

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