Glasgow Tower Closed Indefinitely (again)

The troubled Glasgow science centre tower has been closed for the sixth time this year, it was announced 2005-09-28... Staff at the 10_million_GBP attraction said they did not know when the 125_m high tower will be open again. As Scotland's tallest free-standing structure it was hoped that the rotating tower would be a major tourist draw -- but since opening in 2001-07 it has been plagued by problems. A spokesman from the attraction said the tower would remain closed indefinitely.
'Regular use of 'Glasgow Tower' has shown there to be a few technical issues whose cumulative effect is disrupting its smooth operation and reliability,' she said.
'In order to resolve these, 'Glasgow Tower' will remain closed until we have reassurances that these issues have been addressed effectively.'
The tower was paid for by a public partnership of European and Millennium funds, 'Scottish Enterprise' and 'Glasgow City' Council, and was hailed as the only tower in the world that can rotate from its base. In 2005-01 ten people were trapped in the tower lift for five hours after a cable snapped. 'Sixth closure for science centre', ANDREW TOLMIE, The Scotsman, 2005-09-29, Th


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new BBC HQ is being built next to this...a big ugly box next to a big ugly broken useless tower next to a terrible venue an expensive exhibition space and a failing science centre. House prices along the Clydeside are plummeting and no wonder! What a mess! What a waste of money!

10/04/2005 12:45:00 am  

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