Intolerance: The Clinton-Hunter Development Initiative

Scottish businessman Sir Tom Hunter has teamed up with Mr.Bill Clinton, the former US American president, to spend 55_million_GBP of his fortune on alleviating poverty in some of the poorest countries on the planet. 'The Clinton-Hunter Development Initiative' (CHDI), which is to be announced today, 2005-09-15, aims to create a new model for 'ridding the world of the silent, malevolent horror that is poverty' by giving local people the power to make decisions on how aid money is spent. The initiative will concentrate on two countries which are still to be chosen. Candidates include Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Lesotho and Kenya. Mr.Hunter made an estimated 260_million_GBP when he sold the 'Sports Division' shop chain in 1998 and now runs a venture capital firm that has been involved in deals worth 4_000_million_GBP since it began in 2001. Mr.Hunter, who donated 1_million_GBP to the 'Make Poverty History' campaign and has spent more than 35_million_GBP through his and his wife's charity, 'The Hunter Foundation', appealed to others to join him and Mr.Clinton in 'a new model of poverty intervention in the world's poorest countries'. It will put the emphasis on allowing local people to decide the right approach for their circumstances while moving towards self-sustainability. Mr.Hunter said he had decided to take action after becoming involved in the 'Make Poverty History' campaign, but added:
'The fundamental motivation is the way I was brought up in a small mining village in Ayrshire. You got taught values and to do the right thing. 'I'm on record as saying once my family has been taken care of the rest of the wealth is going into the foundation. Making the money is only half the equation; what you do with the money is what marks you out.'
Mr.Hunter said the initiative would help communities gain a 'foothold on the first rung of the development ladder' and added that he hoped 'many others will join us in playing a part in ridding the world of the silent, malevolent horror that is poverty'. Earlier this year, Mr.Hunterand his family visited slum-dwellers in Kenya and Mozambique and travelled with Mr.Clinton in South Africa and Lesotho. The 'CHDI' deal was signed by the two men when Mr.Clinton stopped in Scotland while flying from the USA to Asia last week. Mr.Clinton said:
'I commend Sir Tom Hunter and his foundation for this generous commitment toward the alleviation of poverty. This is precisely the kind of concrete commitment I hoped would arise from "The Clinton Global Initiative" and Tom has shown remarkable leadership.'
The 'CHDI' plans to carry out a regional pilot programme in the two chosen countries, funding improvements to education, health, infrastructure, agriculture and 'entrepreneurial support' where necessary. As part of the private sector-style approach, a business plan will be drawn up and 'key performance indicators' will be set from the start. Schemes which achieve those targets will then draw in further funds. 'Clinton joins tycoon's £55m battle against 'horror of poverty'', Ian Johnston, The Scotsman, 2005-09-15, Th Links: Network of Int. Development Orgs in Scotland Cross Party Group for International Development Department for International Development UN Millennium Development Goals World Bank International Development Association


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clinton Hunter? why not the snappier and more accurate *Cunter Development Initiative* or CDI?

9/28/2005 12:30:00 am  

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