Glasgow Primary Education's Massive Changes

The biggest-ever shake-up of primary education in Glasgow was unveiled on 2005-10-04. Dozens of old schools will close, to be replaced by state-of-the-art buildings, and in some cases as many as four schools will merge to unite Roman Christian and non-denominational pupils on shared campuses... In total, 78 schools, special units and nurseries will be affected by the proposals, which will cost 128_million_GBP to implement. It is the fourth phase of an education strategy for the schools, which have space for 21_400 pupils but a population of only 7_800. City Leader Mr.Steven Purcell, said that only public money, from the city and 'The Scottish Executive', would pay for the scheme. The proposals will go to consultation with churches, teachers, parents and unions after they are ratified by the education committee. However, The City Leader said that all parties are already 'on board', and Mr.Willie Hart, the Educational Institute of Scotland ('EIS') representative for the city, said:
'We are broadly supportive. The "acid test" will be whether the savings made will go back into education and whether there will be job losses.'
The City Leader pledged 2005-10-04 that 'every penny of the tens of millions' saved from maintaining inviable schools would go back into the budget. He also promised no job losses. The scheme involves the closure of 28 schools, but it will also mean thousands of pupils in at least 16 new schools. Previously, in phases 1 to 3 of the strategy, the city closed 25 primaries but built 18 new schools at a cost of 130_million_GBP. The proposals include two new shared campuses, similar to the successful Keppoch Campus in Possilpark which brought together Roman Christian, non-denominational and special needs schools. Empty schools are a by-product of falling birth rates; in 1964, there were 104_000 births, today the figure is 50_000. '£128m school shake-up plan for Glasgow', Jim Mcbeth, The Scotsman, 2005-10-05, We


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