Health: 1st Hospital to Beat MRSA Superbug

Clydebank's 'Golden Jubilee National Hospital' has not recorded a single case of the MRSA bug being caught in its wards in the last year. It's believed to be the only major hospital in the country to have achieved the feat -- at a time when rates of the infection are soaring across the country. The milestone is revealed in the hospital's annual report, and the daughter of an MRSA victim today praised 'The Golden Jubilee's' approach, calling for other units to follow its example. Ms.Linda Barr is from Houston in Renfrewshire. Her dad Mr.Albert Hatton died after contracting MRSA while at 'Glasgow Royal Infirmary'. The daughter later had heart tests in 'The Golden Jubilee'. She said:
'The hospital was absolutely spotless.
'When I was in, the staff always cleaned their hands before and after they examined me.
'That's the way hospitals should be.'
A Scottish Executive spokesman praised the hospital but added:
'"The Golden Jubilee" does not have an emergency department and works differently from other hospitals; it is hard to compare MRSA rates.'
She said 'The Scottish Health Service' had won praise for its 15_million_GBP drive against 'superbugs' and added:
'Good hand hygiene, prudent antibiotic prescribing and comprehensive staff training all play a vital role in controlling infection and we now have measures in place for this.'
'The deadly MRSA superbug is being beaten at a Scots hospital.', The Evening Times, 2005-10-28


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