Intolerance: Madonna Kabbalah Song Offensive

Word that 'Madonna's' upcoming album includes a paean to a 16th-century Jewish mystic has prompted the rabbis who guard his legacy to accuse the pop idol of sacrilege and hint at divine punishment... The 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' collection includes a song titled 'Isaac' -- in reference, entertainment media say, to Rabbi Isaac Luria, founder of 'The Kabbalah School of Mysticism' which counts 'Madonna', 47, as one of its devotees. The custodians of Luria's tomb and seminary in the northern Israeli town of Safed accused her of breaking a taboo.
'There is a prohibition in Jewish law against using the holy name of our master, 'The Sage Isaac', for profit,' the seminary's director, Rabbi Rafael Cohen, told the Israeli newspaper 'Maariv' on Sunday. 'This is an inappropriate act, and one can feel only pity at the punishment that she ('Madonna') will receive from Heaven. The Sage Isaac is holy and pure, and immodest people cannot sing about him,' he said.
Bred a Roman Christian 'Madonna', famed for her racy lyrics and on-stage antics, has drawn frequent censure from ultra-Orthodox Jews who say her embrace of Kabbalah debases their religion. Deemed especially provocative was 'Madonna's' music video for 'Die Another Day', in which she wove 'phylacteries' around her arm, a custom usually reserved for Jewish men, before escaping from an electric chair on which Hebrew letters spelling out one of the 72 names of God appeared.
'This kind of woman wreaks an enormous sin upon "The Kabbalah",' said Rabbi Yisrael Deri, caretaker of Luria's tomb.
'Jewish mystics to Madonna: Lay off our sage!', Reuters via Yahoo! News, 2005-10-09


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