Intolerance: Motorway Shooting Glasgow M8

A motorist came under fire from a hail of bullets as he drove along one of Scotland's busiest motorways... The 47-year-old was targeted by a gunman in another car on the M8 near Glasgow's Charing Cross just after 23:00 on 2005-09-29, Th. Either three or four shots were fired at his silver 'Mitsubishi 4X4' from a silver 'Ford Focus', which manoeuvred through fast-moving traffic as the gunman attempted to hit the driver. Despite repeated efforts to shoot him, the man escaped injury and no medical assistance was required at the scene, although he was left 'badly shaken'. As a result of the attack, part of the motorway was closed for almost three hours as police searched for any shells left by the attackers. Detective Inspector Mr.John Mellon of Anderston Police Office, who is in charge of the investigation, described the incident as 'outrageous'.
'The attack began as the driver of the "4X4" came off "The Clyde Expressway".
'The "Ford Focus" approached the vehicle from the rear and a shot was fired. 'It then came to the driver's side and a series of shots were then fired. 'The car did sustain damage during the attack, and a window on the side of the car was blown out.
'The gunman's car then sped off.
'This attack was outrageous and reckless; it is amazing that no other vehicles were hit during the attack and that there wasn't a serious road accident. 'The driver of the "4X4" is a very lucky man, and we are now treating the case as an attempted murder.'
Mr.Mellon said that the motorway was busier than was usual because of a concert on Thursday evening at 'The Carling Academy' venue. He added that the presence of this traffic had already produced a series of calls relating to the attack, which have given them some 'very valuable information' about the case. The 'Ford Focus' was found abandoned shortly after the incident in Clydeholm Rd, Whiteinch.
'We think that the car, which had been stolen before the attack, would have been abandoned between 23:30 and midnight,' he added. 'We are hoping that people living around the area might have seen the people doing this.'
Given the nature of the attack, Mr.Mellon said it was likely that the car would have been driven in a manner which would draw attention to its occupants. Mr.Mellon said that police had not yet established a motive.
'We are genuinely keeping an open mind on this incident, and we will be speaking to the victim to try and find out why someone would want him dead or injured.'
The traumatised victim had raised the alarm minutes after coming under fire at 23:10, as he was travelling on the eastbound carriageway of the M8. Although detectives are still keen to speak to anyone who saw the shooting incident, or thinks they saw the 'Ford Focus' before or after the shooting, the investigation has shifted to Whiteinch and police are appealing for anyone who believes they saw or heard anything suspicious to come forward. 'Man 'lucky to be alive" after drive-by gun attack on M8', Craig Brown, The Scotsman, 2005-10-01, sa Links: Gun Control Network Home Office -- firearms


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