Intolerance: Stomach Ulcer Heretic gets Nobel prize

He's been called 'a quack' by colleagues and 'a joker' by his wife, but Australian Mr.Barry Marshall can now call himself a 'Nobel Laureate'. Mr.Marshall, 54, who won 'The 2005 Nobel Prize for Medicine' with colleague Mr.Robin Warren, is an unconventional man of medical science who found fame and fortune partly by drinking a glassful of bugs... He swallowed a solution containing the bacteria 'Helicobacter Pylori' to prove to a sceptical medical world the theory that bacteria -- not stress and lifestyle -- cause most stomach ulcers. Mr.Marshall, married with four children, became violently ill, but had thus made his point to the world -- a point acknowledged on 2005-10-03, Monday by 'The Nobel Prize Committee'.His wife, Adrienne, was not impressed at the time.
'That's a very Barry thing to have done,' she told 'The Sydney Morning Herald' in a 1997 interview.
They had four young children, Mr.Marshall was working 14-hour days, seeing patients all day and doing research at night, and now he was 'dreadfully ill'.
'I told him he had to stop it and get some treatment,' his wife recalled. He did. 'He's got a dreadful sense of humour,' she said. 'He's always being stupid, bad jokes, puns, that sort of thing. 'He really enjoys everything he does. He's a 150 per cent person; whatever he's doing he throws himself into. He's probably a bit more of a boy than a man; a lot of the researchers are like that.'
Associate Professor Mr.Stuart Hazell, a microbiologist at 'The University of New South Wales', recalled that many medical feathers were ruffled when Mr.Marshall first began his campaign to rewrite the textbooks.
'When Barry spoke he was very brash,' Mr.Hazell said. 'The vast majority of the medical profession, not only in Australia but worldwide, considered Barry to be" a quack" and really were extremely dismissive for a number of years.'
But Ms.Marshall said her husband's aggressiveness in selling his message was simply a reflection of extreme frustration.
'It was a tremendous struggle to get his work presented and published,' she says.
'It was really tough to hang in there.'
Mr.Barry J. Marshall was born on 1951-09-30 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. He earned his medical degree at 'The University of Western Australia' in 1974, and 11 years later became a research fellow in 'Gastroenterology' at 'The Royal Perth Hospital'. In 1986, Mr.Marshall became a research fellow and professor of medicine at 'The University of Virginia' in the United States of America, and a decade later advanced to be a professor of research in internal medicine at the same institution. Since 1997, Mr.Marshall has served as clinical professor and a senior research fellow at 'The University of Western Australia'. 'Nobel laureate Marshall a joker, says wife', Yahoo! News UK, 2005-10-04, Tu


Blogger Dave said...

Good on ya, Barry Marshall; you deserve the Nobel Prize for Medicine at the very least for changing my life and that of most of my family and friends. I know well the trouble you had to go through to have your ideas accepted. It took me a very long time to convince my local GP of your findings (TV's Heretics program and magazine clippings didn't work), so I can imagine how difficult it all must have been for you and your wife. Just think: from the age of 14 until 37 I was constantly ill. I must have spent a fortune on Zantac, Tagamet, Gaviscon, Rennies, and whatever else I could lay my hands on! Yet after a course of One Week on Losec and a couple of other pills, the Helicobacter Pylori was gone and I felt 100 per cent better. I could eat normally, drink normally and more besides. A real Life changer! thanks Mate!

10/10/2005 12:42:00 am  

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