Money: Househunter Preference Survey

'The Yorkshire Bank' found that 34 per cent of househunters would think twice about buying a home if the neighbouring property was in a state of disrepair or had an overgrown garden. A further 22 per cent of people said they would avoid buying an otherwise perfect house if it had a strange smell... The figures were highest in the South West, with 47 per cent saying an untidy house next door would put them off and 30 per cent objecting to strange smells. Nearly one in three people said they were looking for a property they could move straight into without the need to carry out any improvements or redecorating. Meanwhile, one in five wanted a place that needed a lot of work doing on it in the hope that they would be able to add some value. Mr.Gary Lumby, head of retail at 'Yorkshire Bank', said:
'When selling their home, most people think of giving it a spruce-up so it looks its best for potential buyers. 'However, our research shows sellers should try giving their neighbours a nudge to do the same.'
'Messy Neighbours Can Put Buyers Off', Yahoo! Bisiness News, 2005-10-09


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