Name Sought for new Glasgow bridge

A competition to name Glasgow's newest bridge was launched by the city's council, yesterday 2005-10-03. The council's leader, Mr.Steven Purcell, unveiled the plans to find a suitable name for the Tradeston/Broomielaw bridge at the city's 'Museum of Transport'. The public have been invited to submit names for the new bridge via e-mail, post or at the museum. The council have also drawn up a list of five possible names for the public to consider and give their opinion on. These are:
  • Mercantile Bridge -- in recognition of the merchants' role in the development of Glasgow's economy.
  • James Watt Bridge -- after the Scottish inventor of the first practical steam engine who had a workshop close to the site of the new bridge.
  • The Comet -- after the first steam paddle vessel on the River Clyde in the early 1800s.
  • Napier's Bridge -- after Mr.Robert Napier, known as the father of Clyde shipbuilding.
  • Dewar Bridge -- in honour of Donald Dewar, the first First Minister of the first Scottish Parliament.
The Council Leader said:
'The bridge is for the future generations of Glaswegians and is something to be very proud of. 'In particular, we want the children of Glasgow to claim this bridge as their own.'
Work on the bridge is due to start in 2006-01 and finish by the end of 2007. It is being built as part of a 34.6_million_GBP project to redevelop the Clydeside area. 'Glasgow asks for name of bridge', Craig Brown, The Scotsman, 2005-10-04


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