Intolerance: 9 Workers sacked over Internet

Nine Scottish council workers have been sacked for 'inappropriate' use of the Internet and e-mail at work. Another three workers at 'Renfrewshire Council' have been demoted and two have received written warnings, while one disciplinary case has yet to be concluded. It was originally claimed that pornography had been found on the employees' computers at the council's headquarters in Paisley, near Glasgow -- an accusation which sparked a high-level investigation. Managers refused to reveal the nature of the material being accessed by staff at the council headquarters in Paisley, but it is understood they were accused of accessing and storing pornographic or obscene images on computers. Others also faced action for using their work computers to send private e-mails and spending large amounts of time using facilities for matters not related to work. A council spokesman said the action was taken following disciplinary hearings. All of the 14 staff are to appeal the decisions. The spokesman added:
'Like many organisations, the council has a clear policy on the use of Internet and e-mail which states that access can be monitored to ensure appropriate use. 'If breaches of that policy are identified, disciplinary procedures can be taken forward.'
The staff were told of the action on 2005-11-14 Monday night, following council monitoring of Internet use. 'Nine council workers sacked over 'inappropriate' use of internet ', John Innes, The Scotsman, 2005-11-16, We


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