Intolerance: Geldof says 'don't do e-mails'

'Live8' organiser Sir.Bob Geldof has revealed his contempt for e-mails, blaming them for tying up people's time and stopping genuine action. Sir.Bob told a conference in London that e-mails:
'give a feeling of action, which is a mistake'.
He told delegates that what workers achieve each day will be linked to the number of e-mails they ignore. He explained that the 'doing part' of a job is proportionate to the amount of e-mails you do not answer.
'E-mails get in the way of serious consideration of what you want to do,' Sir.Bob said.
At the conference, organised by the innovation firm '?What if!', Sir.Bob said he dreaded seeing lots of e-mails in his 'inbox', as they imposed an agenda on him, and disrupted his own plans for the day. A successful businessman as well as social activist, Sir.Bob also warned of the perils of a badly-phrased e-mail, which he said he knows from personal experience can cause serious commercial harm.
'The tone can be wrong', he explained.
'All ill-considered e-mail can destroy a deal.'
His advice to delegates at the conference in the Brick Lane area of London was blunt.
'Don't do e-mail.'
'Bob Geldof says 'Don't do e-mail'', BBC News, 2005-11-15, 21:18:58 GMT


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