Intolerance: 'Madonna' Stole Song

A Belgian songwriter has won a court battle against pop star 'Madonna' after accusing her of plagiarising one of his songs for her 1998 hit single, 'Frozen', his lawyer said on 2005-11-18, Friday. Mr.Salvatore Acquaviva's lawyer said a court in the southern Belgian town of Mons had ordered the country's music stores to withdraw the record from their shelves within the next 15 days. The court also ordered radio and television stations to stop playing the song, he said.
'(They) cannot broadcast the work "Frozen" ... under pain of a 150_000_EUR fine,' he told the local radio network, RTBF.
It was not immediately clear if damages were awarded to Mr.Acquaviva. The single comes from 'Madonna's' 'Ray of Light' album of the same year. 'Madonna loses plagiarism case', Reuters/Yahoo!, 2005-11-18


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