Stats: 'Sexiest man Alive 2005' Result

So, just who is the sexiest man alive? You'd think that what with Hollywood being full of hotties, it would be a difficult decision for 'People Magazine' to make...But no... to them the fairest man of them all is Mr.Matthew Mcconaughey. Matthew McconaugheyLong have we thought that the 'Sahara' star is a 'bit of a stud'... but sexier than Brad, sexier than George or hunkier than Orlando or Johnny? According to 'People Magazine's' spokesman Ms.Julie Jordan, there was no one else:
'He's pretty much the perfect package.'
And we're sure his girlfriend Ms.Penelope Cruz is in agreement -- although it's not new for her; her 'ex' -- Mr.Tom. Cruise -- was also voted 'Sexiest Man Alive'... back in 1990. The other contenders in the running for this year's title include Mr.Jake Gyllenhaal, Mr.Owen Wilson, Mr.Patrick Dempsey and Mr.Antonio Banderas.
Jake Gyllenhaal Owen Wilson
Patrick Dempsey Antonio Banderas
And then there are the usual blokes such as Brad, George and Orlando. Last year's winner was Mr.Jude Law -- but Mr.Brad. Pitt is the only star to be given the title twice, once in 1995 and then again in 2000. 'Who's The Sexiest Man Alive?', Yahoo! Entertainment News, 2005-11-18


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