Weather: "Early Warning Statement" Issued

Severe winter weather will hit Scotland this weekend, with heavy snow, blizzards and freezing temperatures predicted for much of the country. In an 'early warning statement' yesterday 2005-11-21, 'The Met. Office' said the chance of disruption due to cold weather in Scotland on 2005-11-25 Friday is now up to 70 per cent. A blast of cold northerly winds will hit the country by 2005-11-24 Thursday, dropping temperatures to below freezing and dumping up to 200_mm of snow, 'The Met. Office' said. Northern parts of Scotland, including Grampian and the Highlands, will be hardest hit. Glasgow and Edinburgh are likely be spared the worst of the weather. While the predicted temperature of -3C is considerably milder than the lows of -9C recorded in some areas of Scotland last Friday, this week's weather will feel considerably colder because of high winds. A 'Met. Office' spokesman said:
'The temperatures will be nowhere near record-breaking for this time of year, but it will feel very cold in the wind, sleet and snow showers. 'It will probably feel as cold as -12C.'
He added:
'The large mountainous area in the middle of Scotland tends to cut off the Central Belt from northern storms, so Edinburgh and Glasgow should escape the worst of the weather.'
'The Met. Office' predicts the weather will turn milder by Saturday evening (2005-11-26), but not before dropping over half a foot of snow in Inverness and Aberdeen. Blizzards and freezing roads will pose the greatest threat of disruption. The forecasts come amid concerns that Scotland is on the verge of one of the coldest winters in 50 years. 'The Met. Office' said it was too early to tell if this week's forecast was the start of a freezing winter, but added that it was the 'sort of forecast we expect to occur more frequently this winter'. The forecasts have spurred campaigners for the elderly to publicise the risks cold weather poses, particularly to those in poor housing conditions. Mr.Steve Jones, a spokesman for 'British Gas Help the Aged Partnership', said:
'Last winter, deaths amongst older people increased by 35 per cent in just one year, the highest for five years. 'This is a shocking increase, and unless urgent action is taken by the government, the scandal will persist.'
A spokesman for the RSPCA said:
'If you have got pets just think about them, especially if they live outside. 'Make sure they are warm.'
British gas prices shot up to eight-month highs yesterday on the heels of 'The Met. Office' warning, heightening worries about falling output from Scotland's ageing North Sea gas fields. 'Arctic weather set to sweep into Scotland', Eben Harrell, The Scotsman, 2005-11-22, Tu


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Didn't happen. Weather Reports are as good as a bad guess! And global warming will bring an ice age. What next?

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