Lost Beethoven Score Found & Sold At Auction

An 80-page handwritten script by Beethoven, which was missing for 115 years, has sold for 1.1_million_GBP at auction. An anonymous buyer purchased the score of 'Grosse Fuge in B flat', which features the composer's changes. London auctioneers 'Sotheby's' had expected the manuscript to fetch up to 1.5_million_GBP but a spokesman said it had still achieved 'an excellent price'. It had not been seen in public since an auction in 1890, before it was found by a librarian at a US American religious school. The buyer at the 1890 Berlin auction is believed to have been an industrialist from Ohio who took the manuscript to the USA. The sale falls short of the record for a Beethoven score, achieved by a working manuscript for his 'Ninth Symphony', which sold for more than 2.1_million at auction in 2003. Chance find 'Sotheby's' claimed the discovery would prompt a re-assessment of the composer's works, as it provides insight into his working methods. The German composer wrote 'Grosse Fuge' in 1826 while contending with deafness. The score, which contains multiple deletions and corrections, was found by librarian Ms.Heather Carbo at 'The Palmer Theological Seminary' in Philadelphia in 2005-07. Ms.Carbo was conducting an inventory of the seminary's archives when she came across the manuscript in a basement cabinet. Manuscripts by Mozart were discovered at the seminary in 1990. 'Beethoven score sells for £1.1m' BBC News, 2005/12/01 12:29:20 GMT


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