Intolerance: Chancellor Claims Union Flag From Fascists

In his speech to 'The Fabian Society' in London, The Chancellor of The Exchequer Mr. Gordon Brown said the modern 'New Labour Party' and its supporters should be unashamedly patriotic. He said this could encompass 'progressive' ideas of liberty, fairness and responsibility rather than right-wing beliefs.Chancellor Brown
'Instead of the BNP using it as a symbol of racial division, the flag should be a symbol of unity and part of a modern expression of patriotism too,' said The Chancellor. 'All the United Kingdom should honour it, not ignore it. 'We should assert that the Union flag by definition is a flag for tolerance and inclusion.'
The Chancellor said promoting integration had become even more important since the 7/7 London bombings.
'We have to be clearer now about how diverse cultures which inevitably contain differences can find the essential common purpose also without which no society can flourish,' he added.
However, Mr.Salmond claimed that The Chancellor was motivated by self-interest.
'His repeated attempts to resuscitate British identity are looking increasingly desperate, a necessary move to make himself acceptable as a British prime minister. 'However, you cannot sustain a national identity just because someone wants to be national leader,' he said. 'For two generations and more it is Scottish identity which has been on the rise. "Bulldog Brown" is waving the wrong flag at Scotland.'
He said there was also a renewed sense of Englishness rather than Britishness south of the border. And he added:
'To suggest a new British Day while his own Labour colleagues in Scotland oppose the grassroots campaign to celebrate properly St.Andrew's Day illustrates the fatal weakness in Brown and Labour's position.'
Last year 'The Scottish Parliament' voted against a bill to create a new public holiday, instead supporting a move to examine ways in which 30 November could be celebrated without the loss of a day's work. Former Prime Minister Sir John Major ('Conservative & Unionist Party') agreed with the concept being put forward by The Chancellor. But he said the (New Labour Party's) government had damaged Britishness by steps such as introducing devolution in Scotland. 'SNP dismisses Brown's flag call', BBC NEWS, 2006/01/14 14:20:12 GMT


Anonymous Captain Sensible said...

Devolution Oh dear! What a mess we have made!! The fiasco of the parliament building (ugly, high maintenance, a folly) and its cost, the corruption of the expenses, the division between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom. Was it worth it? Need to ask the English coz it was all done by them and they got the pleasure of paying for it to the tune of over two grand a head every year. Too late now to call for United Kingdom unity and a healthy happy multiculturalism. The Scots hate the English and Welsh, Catholics hate Protestants, no one likes the coloureds or the asylum seekers and political correctness and social inclusion policies are being laughed at every day by the media. None of which is helpful, and the direction we have all gone is the opposite one from harmony.

1/17/2006 02:59:00 am  

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