Intolerance: Infant raped on Saturday

An 11-year-old girl was raped near her home, police said yesterday 2006-01-29. 'Strathclyde Police' said she had left a group of friends with whom she had been playing behind a community centre. Shortly after, the girl was approached by a man, thought to beaged around 18, who carried out what police described as a serious indecent assault. The attack happened in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, at 21:30 on Saturday. The assailant, who ran off towards a nearby wooded area, is described as 'white' and is believed to have an English accent. He was wearing blue jeans and a black hooded top, with the word 'Umbro' in bold white lettering across the chest. The girl was left extremely distressed by her ordeal, the police said. Detective Inspector Mr.Mike Feighan, leading the investigation, said:
'This was a horrible and terrifying ordeal for this girl, and the man responsible must be caught. 'Inquiries are at an early stage, and any help at this time from the public would be valuable. 'I am keen to hear from anyone who was in the area around 21:30 who may have seen a young man of this description hanging about, and likewise at around 22:00, when the man ran off towards the wooded area,' he added. 'I would appeal to anyone who saw anything suspicious at all, to contact me.'
Last night, one local resident -- who asked not to be named -- claimed there had been on-going problems with gangs of youths congregating at the community centre at night and drinking alcohol. He said:
'I am very sorry to hear something like this has happened. 'But for months now we have been complaining to police about groups of louts and vandals who hang around the centre at night. 'There can be over 20 of them at the weekend and they are always drinking alcohol. It is making our lives a misery.'
'Girl of 11 raped by hooded man, say police', Russell Fallis, The Scotsman, 2006-01-30


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