Intolerance & Stats: Violent Children

Almost a third of Scottish girls had been involved in a fight in the last year compared to 13 per cent in Finland, 21 per cent in Russia and a quarter in the United States of America. Experts blamed the 'ladette culture' of binge drinking and drug use. The league table of teenage violence, published in 'The Journal of the American Society of Paediatrics' and based on a survey of 161_082 youths aged 11 to 15, put only 1. England, 2. Belgium, 3. Lithuania, 4. Estonia and 5. Hungary above Scotland when it came to female fisticuffs. The General Secretary of The Headteachers' Association of Scotland Mr.Bill. Mcgregor, said:
'I don't think there is any doubt that violence involving girls is becoming more of a problem and that alcohol is often involved as part of the ladette culture.'
Dr Candace Currie, the director of The Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit at Edinburgh University and co-author of the report by child health experts from Canada, Scotland, Poland, Israel and the USA, expressed her concern at the high level of violence. She said:
'Fighting is an important thing to measure because it is correlated with other forms of risk behaviour such as alcohol use, substance use and smoking.'
The study also revealed that about 60 per cent of British boys had been in a fight over the previous year, compared with 48 per cent in the USA, 40 per cent in Germany and 37 per cent in Finland. Boys in Scotland, England and Wales came 10th, 13th and 26th in the league table respectively. The study concluded that girls are most likely to fight within 'intimate relationships', while boys are much more likely to attack strangers.
'Ladette life has Scottish girls 'among most violent in the world'', Louise Gray, The Scotsman, 2006-01-23, Mo


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Is this connected with slapping kids or corporal punishment?

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