Science & Health: Wine buyers vs Beer Buyers

People who drink wine are much more likely to eat a healthy diet than those who drink beer, according to a study of supermarket shoppers. Those who had wine in the trolley were also more likely to have bought more olives, fruit, vegetables, poultry, cooking oil, low-fat cheese, milk and meat than those who bought beer. The beer buyers were more likely to have ready meals, sugar, cooked meats, chips, pork, butter, margarine, sausages, lamb and soft drinks. The study from Denmark also found that the wine buyers spent more on average on their basket of food, 27.72_GBP, compared with beer buyers who spent 19.89_GBP. Professor Mr.Morten Gronbaek, of 'The National Institute of Public Health' in Copenhagen, who led the study, analysed 3.5 million transactions over six months, 'The British Medical Journal' reported. 'Wine fans' palate for healthy diet', Celia Hall, The Telegraph, 2006-01-20, Fr


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