Intolerance & Health: Medical Mix Up: Death in Hospital

A woman died a day after mistakenly being given medicine intended for another patient, the NHS has confirmed. Ms.Barbara Maguire, 51, was placed in an emergency ward bed after being admitted to Glasgow's 'Stobhill Hospital' with a stomach complaint in 2004. 'NHS Greater Glasgow' said Ms.Maguire 'regrettably' received medicine which had been prescribed for a patient previously in her bed. It has been co-operating with an inquiry by the procurator fiscal.
'We met with Ms.Maguire's family at the time of her death, confirmed that the wrong medication had been given and expressed our sincere regret,' an 'NHS Greater Glasgow' spokesperson said. 'We also reported the matter to the procurator fiscal's office. 'Over the past year we have provided information as requested to the procurator fiscal's office including in the past week a final report on the actions we have taken to prevent this happening again.'
Radiation overdose Ms.Maguire's partner of 25 years, Mr.Thomas Bryan, said he was asked to give a statement to police but is still 'waiting for answers'. Mr.Bryan, from Glasgow, told the Scottish Mail on Sunday:
'I can't understand why anyone would give her drugs that were supposed to be for someone else.'
The case comes just days after it was revealed that 'The Beatson Oncology Centre' in Glasgow administered potentially lethal doses of radiation to a 15-year-old girl. Ms.Lisa Norris, from Girvan, Ayrshire, was being treated for a brain tumour. 'The Scottish Executive Health Department' is conducting an inquiry into the case. 'Woman died after wrong medicine', BBC NEWS, 2006/02/13 00:52:33 GMT


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