Intolerance & Stats: Search Engine Penalises Website

Raenex writes
"The car maker BMW has had its German website bmw.de delisted from Google. The delisting was punishment for using deceptive means to boost page ranking, which has now been set to zero for BMW. Matt Cutts, a Google employee who works to stop unethical search manipulation, originally reported the delisting in his blog and suggests that camera maker Ricoh is not far behind."
'Google Delists BMW-Germany', Slashdot.com, Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Sunday February 05, from the wild-wild-west-of-internet-search dept. Google The Internet


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google is getting too big for its boots. What about the poor user who wants a search engine to find stuff relevant to HIM/HER and not Google?

2/14/2006 04:00:00 am  

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