Intolerance & Stats: Worst UK Truants

Pupils in Glasgow have the worst truancy rate in the UK, a survey showed yesterday 2006-01-06 Monday. The study, carried out among pupils aged 11 to 16, found 32 per cent of the city's schoolchildren had skipped classes. At the other end of the scale, the truancy rate in Brighton was only 11 per cent, closely followed by Edinburgh and Liverpool on 13 per cent. There were major variations across the country, with 29 per cent of Belfast pupils playing truant, and 27 per cent in both Norwich and Plymouth. In Manchester, the figure was 25 per cent, while in Cardiff it was 19 per cent. The national average for pupils playing truant in UK state schools was 23 per cent, compared with 17 per cent in the private sector. The survey of 1_000 pupils found that the main reason for missing school was a dislike of a particular subject or to meet friends. However, 10 per cent said they missed class because they were being bullied while 6 per cent said they played truant because of a hangover. One in three had taken time off without the school's permission to go on family holidays. The survey was conducted by SMART Technologies and a spokesman said:
'We hope this will help the industry gain a deeper insight into the issue of truancy in schools across the country in order to help teachers and school authorities find better ways to engage students and motivate them to attend school regularly.'
According to 'The Department for Education and Skills', 50_000 pupils miss school every day without permission and an estimated 7.5 million school days are missed each year through truancy. Research shows children who are not in school are the most vulnerable and easily drawn into crime. 'Glasgow pupils 'most likely to play truant'', Russell Jackson, The Scotsman, 2006-02-06 Mo


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