Intolerance: Upcoming Controversial TV Shows

The Scottish TV presenter and journalist Mr.Dominik Diamond is considering undergoing physical crucifixion as part of a controversial television documentary about Christianity. Mr.Diamond, once a committed Christian, will try to rediscover his faith in a journey from Scotland, via the Vatican and Italy, to the Philippines, where Christians celebrate Easter by re-enacting Christ's ordeal on the Cross. Mr.Diamond said:
'I'm in my mid-30s, I've got three kids and it's about time I did something that didn't involve cheap gags. 'You might as well aim high -- so I thought I'd try to find "God".'
The documentary, 'Crucify Me', is being made for the 'Five' channel by 'Ginger TV', part of the Glasgow-based 'Scottish Media Group' ('SMG'). 'Five's' director of programmes, Mr.Dan Chambers, was in Glasgow last night to unveil several new commissions filmed in Scotland. The network is also filming a documentary about the school shootings at Dunblane. It will be presented by Mr.Will Hanrahan, who covered the story at the time. Investigative reporter Mr.Donal Macintyre is making a documentary about the Northern Ireland Loyalist terrorist Mr.Jonny Adair, who now lives in Scotland. Mr.Chambers said 'Crucify Me' and 'Dunblane: A Decade On':
'Would highlight the depth and diversity of our factual line-up and make for compelling viewing'.
Other programmes revealed by 'Five' in Glasgow last night include 'The Real Rain Man', based on the story of Kim Peek, the inspiration behind the film 'Rain Man', and 'The Woman Who Lost 30 Stone', which follows the transformation of an American who spent eight years weighing 45 stones. 'TV reporter to seek God in real-life crucifixion', Fergus Sheppard, 2006-02-17 Fr


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