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Blogger Dave said...

I have to say that I've changed my opinion twice over the years. At first I got a computer (a small Toshiba Libretto laptop) simply because my electric golfball typewriter packed in. I had no desire for e-mail or the Internet, and that was that. Then I discovered that I could fax without printing out first, but I had to buy a PCMCIA modem -- and once I had done that, I was on the Internet making the same mistakes as everyone else.

I tried chat, including a comic strip thingy. I found usenet newsgroups, search engines, and web sites (Geocities). Initially I just replaced activities -- I stopped buying newspapers, mail got replaced by e-mail (and later by IMs), I stopped using the Phone Book or Yellow Pages. It was useful, it was interesting, and it was fun. It was more human than telly or radio -- one could interact... across the world!

If I wanted to buy a concert ticket, a book or CD, I would do so on-line. On a dial-up though I did not get into on-line gaming or watching TV shows.

A 2GB laptop with Win95 OS was all I needed a few years ago. I do the exact same things now as I did then, so why do I have a 60GB laptop with XP Professional OS? And why does the OS take up more room than the entire capacity of my first laptop? What is the benefit to me in real terms? The Operating System is largely unimportant to me; it's not something one actually uses per se.

Through win98SE win2000Pro and now XP to the upcoming Vista -- I have got fed up cutomising... I just don't care anymore. The icons change, the desktop too -- I have learned to cope with it instead of fighting to keep things the way I like them!

I do not like AutoCAD 2006 so much better than release 14. I do not like the changes they have made to Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, FrontPage, PowerPoint, MediaPlayer, Internet Explorer etc. I have to just get on with it though.

I don't want broadband -- but my laptop does; it need the bandwidth to download my virus definitions and patches, just as it need the massive HDD to cope with it all!

Oh, there was a 'Golden Age' where I could do everything I wanted, quickly, easily, efficiently. It was all working together, all customised and my computer and I were as one. I was a PC crusader too.

Now it is too annoying, I have lost stuff, and lost faith. Backups have failed, HDDs have failed it is all too much bother -- a real chore. PCs and Laptops are rubbish, company intranets and networks are bizarre, and the Internet -- well, Spam and greed has spoiled it all.

It is a real shame because to scrap e-mail accounts and start afresh means one cannot be contacted easily by a long-lost friend. It's the same with phones -- mobile cellphones are not in a phone book, so it is harder and harder to keep an up-to-date addressbook.

What was once a great thing to bring people together, to interact and to share has amassed a long list of bad points.

My point is that for some people the bad will tip the scales on the good, and the disadvantages outweigh the advantages... that seems to be coming ever closer even for people like me.

3/30/2006 01:22:00 am  

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